Studio Policy

Studio Policy
Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the studio policy. A clear understanding of the policy will reduce confusion later on.

For your safety, You will be recorded and monitored via cameras in the room and throughout the entire building.

Guest And People
You are allowed to bringing one guest that’s not apart of the recording session. The maximum people allowed that’s apart of the session (including your self) is three.

Payment is required upon completion of each session. Payment may be made by cash, VISA, Master Card, Paypal

Your account must be paid in full prior to receiving your master’s. Masters are generally provided on CD, DVD or hard drive, but may also be supplied by email.

Billable Time
When the engineer is working on your project, that time is billable. This includes when you are present in the studio with the engineer. But it may also include other times when the engineer is working on your project, such as doing requested edits, mastering, “bouncing” a rough mix, making multiple versions of your mix, such as “instruments, acapella, or uploading your tracks. Transferring your session files to your hard drive ties up the studio and therefore is also billable time. Often your engineer can find ways to reduce the amount of billable time outside of your attended sessions, so it is a good idea to discuss this ahead of time.

Studio Time
When the engineer starts working with you, setting up equipment, getting levels, debugging instrument problems (such as hum, buzz, etc.) you are on the clock.  If a master is being burned, the clock continues to run until the master is finished.

If during long sessions you wish to take a meal break, you may do so off the clock. If you want to work through the meal break to listen to the session, do edits, overdubs, etc., the clock continues to run. If the engineer encounters a technical problem, the time it takes to solve the problem is off the clock.

Start Time
When you schedule time, it is expected you will arrive on time and we will adjust our work schedule accordingly. It should be understood that we will bill you from the beginning of your scheduled time regardless of what time you arrive.

Ending Time
We do our best to be flexible. Often another session is scheduled immediately following yours and in most cases, we allow at least 1/2 hour leeway between sessions. If you should require a little more time, we will try to continue and ask the next scheduled appointment if they can wait. However, if this is not acceptable to them, we ask that you be considerate and stop your project and schedule another session. It is always a good idea to estimate the amount of time you will need and schedule accordingly.

Open-Ended Time
If no one is scheduled after you, such as at the end of the day, you may continue until you reach your goal or wish to stop.

If there is something you need that we do not have available, you may bring it yourself.

Food and Beverage
We have a  microwave,  refrigerator/freezer, and restrooms. You may bring your own food and beverages and store them in the refrigerator or you may order food to be delivered. Food and drink may be brought into the studio but must be kept away from the equipment.

Smoking Policy
Smoking is prohibited on the premises by order of the Fire Marshal. If you choose to smoke, please use the designated smoking area outside only.

Not Permitted, Strictly prohibited
We reserve the right to deny access to our premises and our equipment to those clearly under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
Any type of explosive or weapon, alcoholic beverages, marijuana, illegal drugs, are 100% Strictly Prohibited.

Studio Cancellation of Sessions
We reserve the right to cancel your session and return your deposit or full payment if you do not agree to all or parts of our policy.

Client Cancellation or Rescheduling
Cancellation of a booked session must occur within 72 hrs of the booking or the client will be charged 50% of the time reserved.
Cancellation within 24 hrs of a booked session, the client will be charged for the full amount of the time reserved.
Rescheduling session from the set date of your session “two weeks out”, the client will not be charged to reserve a new date.
Rescheduling session from the set date of your session “four weeks out or more”, the client will be charged $20 to reserve a new date.
If you reschedule a second time! and still do not show up from the set rescheduling date of your session, you will “forfeit” your session and payment.

Referral Program
If you refer someone to Declare studio, your free hour must be used within one week from the date your referral booked his or her time. Your free hour cannot be used in conjunction with any “Sales or Discounts” on the website. Your free hour must be used with a booking time of  3 hours and up.

No large bags.
Please leave unnecessary articles in your car and secure valuables in your trunk.

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